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Heritage United Church Of Christ


Heritage United Church of Christ stresses giving a deliberately chosen percentage of income to support God’s mission and ministry as it is lived out through the local church. Heritage urges members to set at least 10% of their income as a giving goal. 

An Invitation to Generosity

Jesus was so generous that he gave everything he could give for us. The crucifixion proves that point. He gave and he keeps on giving to us each and every day of our lives and beyond. We have to have a generous heart to validate our faith in God.

We need to give a lot of our money away, not because the Church needs it but because giving is the hallmark of the faith that we profess to possess. In the heart of every Christian there should be a genuine desire to give. We have to give because giving is a central component of our faith. Giving is what we do! Martin Luther says that the man who has given his heart to God will also give God his wallet. God does not have to wrest money from a faithful Christian because those who believe in God are known for having a willingness to give. God does not ask us to give up your riches, instead he asks us to share them and to use them wisely in his service. We must manage our possessions wisely so that they do not gain control over our hearts.

In addition to money, God wants to have first call on the talents he has blessed us with. God gives us talents; hence they are not really ours. He endows us with talents so that we can use them within and without the church. However, we must remember first and foremost that our responsibility is to God.

God gives us time. Time to do the things that we want to do and time to do the things that God wants us to do. God wants us to make sure that we spend ample time working for him. This is a top priority for everyone who believes.

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